the rebel hiveIn order to write an age for the rebel's to hide in Catherine had to get a hold of one of Gehn's Kortee'nea (blank books). Unfortunately the only books the rebels could steal were failed books that Gehn had discarded. Some time before Catherine arrived on Riven one of the Moiety happened to steal one of Gehn's failed test books. Since these books didn't work Gehn would simply throw them in his wood heater to burn. Fortunately the book that was stolen hadn't been burnt too bad. The main problem with this book, besides the fact that it needed to be powered like all Gehn's books, was that Gehn had alreadytay's design partially written an age into it. Since the age was unsuitable as a place for the Moiety to live Catherine decided to modify it. It isn't known with any certainty what the test age was like, but Catherine's final design for a large 'hive' like structure, was based on the adobe huts found in the village on Riven.
One possibility however, is that the original age may have been similar to Riven in some aspects. As an example, the 'basin' that the hive is hidden in bares a striking resemblance to the Book Assembly Island on Riven. Also the tree that the hive covers may have originally been a 'replacement' for the Great Tree that once existed on Riven. Something that may be of interest is that at one stage Cyan were even considering the possibility of letting the player find some of Gehn's other test ages, but due to time restrictions it was never realised. :o(

gehn's effigy

Since the Moiety were formed, Gehn has been their sworn enemy. Nowhere else is their animosity towards him displayed so evidently as this effigy, situated in Tay's linking cave. It is stuck with Moiety daggers, the symbol of their religion. Each knife represents a rebel who has died in the struggle to defeat Gehn. This effigy also acts as a warning to rebels linking to Riven that they are entering Gehn's domain and that they need to be wary.


When you arrive in Tay and then enter the linking cave behind you, you are almost immediately darted by a rebel. How did they know you were coming? I doubt very much that they keep a guard on duty here at all times, and if you paid close attention, you would probably recognise the other rebel as the one from the jail cell on Riven. When you open the cell door on Riven the prisoner mysteriously disappears. He most likely comes back to Tay and warns them that you might be able to find your way there.

the moietyThe Moiety religion is as fervent as it is young. Since the Moiety were all once villagers, their religion is mainly just a variation on their old beliefs. The villagers believe that Gehn is a God and that he created them. The Moiety however, have named Catherine as their deity. The reason for this is fairly simple. Two of the Rivenese witnessed the battle between Gehn and Atrus at the fissure. Because Atrus and Catherine had defeated him, they concluded that Gehn was a "False God" and that he had been trapped on Riven. From there they reached three main conclusions:
-- that Atrus had stripped Gehn of his
power, therefore Atrus must be a true god.

-- As a god, he was choosing Catherine,
the spiritual misfit from a Rivenese womb, to
be his wife.

-- that Catherine was transcending into
deity and would lord over Riven forever.

Much to Catherine's dismay, her return to Riven and her subsequent actions (such as the creation of the Rebel Age), have simply strengthened their beliefs in her and their religion. The Moiety also put a lot of stock in the symbols of their religion, and that ofmoiety daggergehn's crest the villagers. They have adopted the unique shape of the dagger found near the star fissure as the symbol of their cause. To deface this symbol is seen as sacrilege. This belief in symbols is also a weakness though. Because of it, they are fearful of Gehn's crest and are terrorised by his symbolic use of the Wahrk.

nelahWhen your trapped in the prison in Tay you'll find that a woman will come to you and return the trap book and Catherine's diary. She will also return later with a linking book back to Riven. This woman is in fact one of Catherine's dearest friends, Nelah. It seems that Nelah has somehow gained the trust of Gehn, as she was somehow able to talk to Catherine in her prison. In Catherine's note to you she says that she nelah questioned Nelah about the trap book. Nelah has most likely been tasked by Gehn with bringing Catherine food etc.
rebelsWhen you look through the window of your cell door, you should be able to see some of the Moiety going about their business. Mostly these are just silhouettes of people seen through the windows. There are a few more interesting ones though, namely this rebel slowly walking across a bridge, one walking down and then back up these stairs, and another one on the path in the distance.
Gehn in Tay

Two of the most interesting alternate endings occur in the Rebel age. The first is caused by you releasing Gehn from the trap book after returning to the rebel age. This ending gives you a good look into the character of Gehn. As he opens the book you can see the entrance to Tay's linking cave behind him. On his face is a smug look. "It appears that the Moiety and I will finally be able to discuss our differences face to face." He then goes on in with a charming little speech about how your name will go down in history and that the D'ni culture will be reborn, thanks to you. He bids you farewell and closes the book on you, literally.

fry da book

The second of the 'bad' endings in Tay is seen if you are 'dumb' enough to use the trap book yourself. When you do this you'll be trapped in the darkness. After a small wait you'll see the book open. The scene that confronts you is a little disturbing. Flames flicker at the edges of the panel. A Moiety reaches towards the panel only to be scolded by his 'superior'. After a quick discussion between the two, the 'leader' says something that sounds remarkably like "fry da book". Whatever he actually says, that's probably what he means. After a slight hesitation, and a smack from the 'leader's' cane, the rebel closes the book and leaves it to burn.

Since a lot of the information I have put up here is based on my own interpretations, some of it may be incorrect. If you think there is a problem with anything here, please fill out this form, and send it to me. Or, if you have anything that you think I should add, also please fill out this form. Thank you.

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