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Riven Illuminated
An interesting second look into Riven and all the secrets it holds, Author Stewart Bradford. Visit Site

Myst & Riven Illustrated
This site is dedicated to MYST and RIVEN related graphics of all kinds and has since 1998. All comments, corrections, requests or contributions are welcome. Author: Torbjorn Mathisen. Visit Site (Live)

Zardoz's realMyst Easter Egg Hunt
The quest for eggs took us deep into the realms of a strange, far-away universe, with worlds enveloped in fog and anti-aliasing. We visited Ages where the sun never sets, and others where the cerulean sky holds the clean sweet air of eternity. We scoured these landscapes day and night, or at least day, earning the title all hunters eventually seek: We were the Ovids. Author: Zardoz. Visit Site (Live)

Riven Easter Eggs Revealed (Interiority)
Another Riven Easter Egg Website. Author: Massimo Fiorentino. Visit Site (Live)

Live sites listed on this page have been archived as of 3/8/21, however we will only post the archive links if the original sources go down. I have made an effort to contact the original authors, however please contact me if you do not want your site archived on this list or if you'd like to add additional sites.